VasoMedical Applauds the International EECP® Therapist Association Call for International EECP® Therapy Week in Recognition of American Heart Month

Company Encourages EECP® Therapy Centers to Participate and Offers Support

January 23, 2012 (Westbury, New York) - VasoMedical, Inc. (“VasoMedical”) (OTC: VASO.PK), a leader in the manufacture and sale of devices for the non-invasive treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases and a leader in the sale of diagnostic imaging products, announced its support for the International EECP® Therapists Association's (IETA) announcement for the week of February 20-24, 2012 to be designated as the First Annual International EECP® Therapy Week in recognition of February as American Heart Month. The Company recognizes that the activities and events conducted by hundreds of centers internationally can potentially increase public awareness for EECP® therapy and have a positive effect on patient accessibility to the therapy.

The IETA requested today that EECP® centers worldwide make a unified statement in support of their EECP® therapy facilities by hosting events and activities during this week that will increase the awareness of patients and physicians about EECP® therapy. Suggested activities and events include local press releases and media contact, educational meetings presenting information on EECP® therapy and other topics of interest to cardiovascular patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals, scheduled visits by local politicians, invitations for an open house, free blood pressure screening, blogs, videos, EECP® patient reunions and other suggestions that will make EECP® therapy and the dedicated physicians, therapists and centers that are committed to improving patient outcomes and their quality of life.

The Company encourages all VasoMedical EECP® providers worldwide to promote the recognition of American Heart Month by conducting activities that will provide information about heart disease and educate patients, physicians and other healthcare providers about the availability of EECP® therapy, an FDA cleared, Medicare covered non-invasive outpatient treatment for eliminating or reducing the symptoms of angina and heart failure. In support of these events, VasoMedical has offered to provide EECP® therapy centers with the latest tools available to plan events and activities which will provide information to patients and physicians how EECP® therapy can help them to lead fuller more productive lives.

EECP® therapy centers who wish to find out more about the planning tools and additional support mechanisms in place to assist them with International EECP® Therapy Week activities should visit the IETA web site or the VasoMedical web site or, respectively. They may also contact the company directly at

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